The 4 Best Bolt Carrier Groups Today

If you look for the best bolt carrier group on the web, you probably won’t have much luck figuring out which one it is as all manufacturers will say they’re the best. Read the product descriptions of these bolt carriers and they’ll use all kinds of fancy terms to describe their product, but you don’t have to swallow everything they say hook, line and sinker. To make your search easier, we have gathered here the four best AR 15 bolt carrier group. We take a look at their features, pros, cons and what they have to offer.

1. R Guns – Best Nickel Boron BCG


R Guns known for manufacturing some of the best choice in the market, and the R Guns BCG is one of their best efforts yet. This BCG comes with military grade specifications at a price that you can afford: one of the most persistent myths is you need to spend a fortune to buy a quality BCG, but the R Guns proves that doesn’t have to be the case as this is one of the most affordable nickel boron type on the Internet today.

The R Guns – This lets you put plenty of rounds in it, and as online customer reviews will point out it’s more than capable of handling surplus ammunition. One of the more frequent complaints with poorly designed BCGs is the finish fades off quickly, but when handled properly, the R Guns BCG won’t. If you are a competitive shooter searching for a BCG that can withstand heavy duty use, this is one product you should look at.

  • Meets military specifications
  • Built to last
  • Sports a sleek finish
  • Can handle thousands of rounds
  • Be careful with powder as it can lighten the color

2. Phase 5 Electroless Nickel Complete BCG For the “15” + Assembly Tool


The Phase 5 is one of the best bolt carrier group for the money owing to its unique makeup and features. The Phase 5 has been around for a while now but this latest version has a new polishing / deburring process that gives it a slicker, smoother finish. The unit also comes with enhanced EN plating that increases its durability, corrosion resistance, cleaning time and reliability.

Furthermore the design of this BCG reduces the amount of lubrication needed, and it comes with grade 8 fasteners that have been especially hardened. What makes this one of the best AR 15 BCG is the aforementioned electroless nickel plating (EN), as it is an auto catalytic chemical method that deposits nickel-boron alloy or nickel-phosphorus on a work piece, and it is what keeps the Phase 5 from corroding.

Not only is the Phase 5 BCG built to last, but it doesn’t need any heavy cleaning either as only soft cloth is required. With the Phase 5 you will be able to fire for extended periods between each cleaning period as powder and dirt don’t cling to it.

  • The bolt carrier is a complete package
  • Can be used for pistols
  • Durable
  • Firing pin is required

3. R Guns Standard BCG


The R Guns Standard BCG is not as expensive as other nickel boron bolt carrier group products, but when it comes to quality it is right up there with the best of them. This standard BCG isn’t the most expensive, but with its phosphate finish looks and feels more expensive.

This BCG is just the thing you will want on your AR build, and with construction up to military grade standards you’re assured of quality. This manufacturer has been long known for making high quality BCG and this one is proof of that. The coating is high quality phosphate and the Carpenter 158 steel bolt provides assurance this is going to last a while.

The entire assembly is made in the US and as customer reviews will tell you, the BCG has a very solid built and well worth buying. The inclusion of an O ring extractor is a nice touch, and once you’ve unwrapped the package and applied some oil it’s good to go. Overall this is a high quality BCG that won’t break your wallet.

  • Functions very well
  • The bolt comes with an O ring at the extractor
  • Comes with a firing pin
  • Fitting is a bit tight

4. Odin Works Black Nitride BCG


Any discussion of nickel boron BCG products on the web is going to include the Odin Works. This BCG is classified as somewhere between a high end and low end BCG, but when you consider the quality and built, this is one of the better ones. The name Odin Works is well known for quality, and if you’re looking for a really value for money bolt carrier group this isn’t a bad choice.

The black nitride finish doesn’t need as much lubrication as other BCGs, and the rugged finish should suit folks who use their guns a lot. Like other Odin Works products, this is built in accordance with military specs and in many cases even exceeds it, so that says a lot. Furthermore the inclusion of the free O ring tool makes it easier than ever to replace O rings that have been worn out.

The coating is smooth and meant to last, and the staking is one of the best in its class. Versatility is built in as well: it can handle hundreds of rounds and different types of ammos too. If you’re after a quality nitride BCG then you cannot go wrong here.

  • Free ring tool included
  • Uses case hardened 8620 steel
  • Requires little lubrication
  • High quality coating
  • Beginners may need time to get the disassembly done


As the information here shows, there is no single best BCG, and that’s why we chose four. Each one has its own distinct set of features that separate it from the other. No matter which one you choose though, you’ll be assured of reduced friction and get better performance compared to the one that comes bundled with rifles.