Reviews of the 7 Best Bow Sights

Before you can go online and buy the best bow sight, some basic definitions are necessary. If you read bow sight reviews their function should be clear: they are devices that you put on a bow to improve aim. These are similar to gun sights in terms of function, but the quality varies considerably. Since you probably don’t have the time to read and compare all product reviews, we did it for you here. We will take a look at their features, capabilities, and the pros and cons as well so you can decide which is best.

Top 7 Bow Sights Comparison


Product Name

Pins Sight Pins Covered Review

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

.019″ fiber optic

40 yards

Trophy Ridge Punisher Sight

.029″ fiber optic

16 yards

TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin Bow Sight

.019″ fiber optic

40 yards

Trophy Ridge 5 – Pin Bow Sight

.019″ fiber optic

20 yard

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Pin Sight

.019″ fiber optic

60 yards
HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Sight

.019 fiber optic

60 yards
TruGlo Pendulum Bow Sight

.019 fiber optic

35 yards

7 Best Bow Sights Review

1. Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

The IQ is one of the best bow sights owing to the proprietary tech that enhances your shooting and aiming. Like the best compound bow sights in the market, the IQ has a retinal lock that provides feedback on the consistency and form while helping you manage muscle movements. With the IQ you’ll notice a significant reduction in jerky motions that tend to throw your aim off.

The Field Logic IQ is comfortable and easy to use, and once you’ve set it up you’re going to notice significant improvements in your accuracy and consistency. Adjustment, including the second axis, is easy, and you can also use this to make precise groupings.

The Field Logic is bundled with 5 pins, and they are easy to adjust for making precise horizontal or vertical shots. With the pins on the Field Logic you will be able to set your sights as near as 10 yards or shoot at some distance away, and the IQ dot simplifies centering as well.

  • The sight is reliable
  • Easy to use and making adjustments is effortless
  • There are five pins included as well as fiber optics
  • Casing could have been better
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2. Trophy Ridge Punisher Sight

When the subject of best bow sight for hunting is brought up, the Punisher should be part of the discussion as it offers reliable and consistent performance. Every pin on the bow sight can be adjusted easily and be replaced without any trouble. Another worthy element of the Punisher is its versatility, as both left and right handed shooters can use it comfortably.

As one of the best bow sight for the money, the Punisher’s performance is not affected whether you hold it left or right, straight up or at an angle. In other words this is one of those bow sights that can adapt to your style and make the proper adjustments. Just like the best recurve bow sights, making adjustments is simple: all you need to do is adjust the pins until it’s at the setting you like and watch your accuracy improve.

The Punisher comes with fiber optics, and as far as bow sights go it really makes a huge difference especially at night. While hunting at night isn’t recommended, the fiber optics does help when you’re out there at dusk or early morning.

  • Even beginners will have no trouble learning to use the Trophy Ridge
  • Can be used by shooters with different styles
  • Versatile
  • Mounting is easy
  • Durable construction
  • This compound bow sight doesn’t have a light
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3. TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019 Bow Sight with Light

The TruGlo Carbon XS is the preferred choice of experienced hunters as it’s versatile enough to meet the most stringent demands. One of the first things you will notice is that compared to pendulum bow sights, the TruGlo Carbon XS is lightweight, making it easy to mount on a bow.

As the name implies the sight is made from tough carbon composite material that can withstand heavy duty use. As befits one of the best sights for compound bows today, the Carbon XS sports a camouflage design that allows it to blend in a hunting environment. The XS also has special protective coating that ensures its longevity even when used on a regular basis.

The Carbon XS is suitable for left and right handed shooters and making adjustments is straightforward. There are a couple of vertical bars here that ensures mounting is even, and the inclusion of a reversible bracket is a nice addition as well.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • For all its features the TruGlo Carbon XS is easy to tweak
  • You can use this bow sight for short and long distance shooting
  • Some hunters have noted that additional fine tuning is required for making up the difference at 30 to 40 yards
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4. Trophy Ridge 5 – Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge bow sights are known for their quality and the Ridge 5 is further proof of that. When you’re in the field hunting, among the things you need are single pin bow sights that are durable and dependable, and that’s what the Ridge 5 brings. Built from durable copolymer material, the bow sight comes with the versatility and strength you’d expect from aluminum.

Like the best bow sights, the Ridge 5 is resistant to corrosion and rust, and the synthetic material has helped keep the weight down. While it’s still a bit on the heavy side when compared to other sights, it is not a deal breaker and doesn’t affect the bow’s balance. In truth the Ridge 5 could have been heavier, but the innovative design prevented this.

It is versatile enough to be used in various shooting positions. Furthermore the sight has multiple holes so you can choose the exact spot where you want it placed. Last but not the least, the mounting bracket is reversible and can be placed higher or lower on your bow.

  • Mounting is simpler compared to other bow sights
  • Making adjustments for aiming is quick
  • This bow sight is ideal for beginners and advanced hunters
  • This bow sight is a bit heavier than others
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5. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Site Vertical Pin Sight

single pin adjustable bow sight must be easy to use, and that’s what you get with the Trophy Ridge Pursuit. Its housing measures 1.75 inches and comes with a couple of long screws for quick and easy mounting. The Pursuit is light yet durable, two essential elements to keep your bow’s balance intact. When it comes to shooting it’s all about balance, and the Pursuit doesn’t require you to make any type of compensation for extra weight.

The best bow sight should be made from strong materials and that is the case here as the pursuit is made from solid aluminum. Customer reviews also prove the Pursuit is resistant to corrosion and rust, so you can use this no matter what the weather is like. While this comes with just one pin, it is more than capable of helping you make precise and accurate shots. The Pursuit comes with an indicator that assists in pin adjustments with respect to elevation and wind, and this goes far in terms of improving your accuracy.

  • The Pursuit provides universal compatibility with all popular compound bows
  • The bow sight is light
  • The fiber optic pin is easy to adjust
  • The bow sight is equipped with 3rd axis adjustability
  • The Pursuit is quiet and smooth
  • The adjustment could have been easier
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6. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

The best archery sight is built for hunters and hunting, and the Optimizer Lite provides that and more. A top choice for the best bow sight for the money, the Optimizer Lite does not require any complex adjustments. No tools are required for tweaking this, and you just need to dial to get the desired yardage.

When the sight is at 20 and 60 yards you can shoot accurately up to 80 yards. The Optimizer Lite yardage increment is every 5 yards so it’s easy to hit a target regardless of the distance. Style wise this is more than a match with others in its category as it comes in black, and the design blends in with the environment.

The Optimizer Lite fiber optics is shielded from the elements by a well-placed hood, and it’s this configuration that allows you to use this bow sight even in dimly lit environments. If you’re the type who likes to stalk prey at dusk or dawn, this will be to your liking.

  • The Optimizer Lite is easy to adjust
  • Pin setting for accurate shots is straightforward
  • This bow sight can be used in low light environments
  • Compatible with most compound bows
  • Manual adjustment is required when the yardage is changed
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7. TruGlo Pendulum Bow Sight

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Pendulum bow sights can be tricky at times so it’s important you get the highest quality possible, and the TruGlo won’t disappoint. As a pendulum bow sight, the TruGlo is what you will want to use when shooting from an elevated spot. You can lock the bow sight quickly and the single pin can be adjusted so your shot goes dead center.

Like trophy ridge bow sights the TruGlo is easy to install, and a level is going to make certain the mount is evenly set. There’s also a yardage tape provided so you can make precise calculations, and the TruGlo has an auto compensating feature from 35 yards out.

There’s also wrapped fiber optics included that allows you to use the sight even if the lighting isn’t that good. Like any good bow sight, the TruGlo is quiet so you won’t alert your prey and affect your own shots.

  • Like other TruGlo bow sights this is versatile and built to last
  • Installing and adjusting the pin doesn’t require too much effort
  • Quiet
  • Can be used in varying weather conditions
  • If you’re left handed, you need to take out a screw before you can use it
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Types of Bow Sights

There are three main variants:

1. Fixed Pin Sights

Fixed pin sights are the most commonly used and come with 3 to 5 pins. If you are going to shoot at close range then the top pin will be used while the bottom pin is for long distance. Before using your bow it’s a good idea to set the pins first.

To make things easier you should use 3 to 5 distances that are easy to remember. Most hunters that use adjustable bow sights make particular increments, but it’s entirely dependent on the type of hunting you’ll do.

2. Single Pin or Moveable Sights

Moveable or single pin sights are ideal for intermediate and advanced users. Whereas fixed pins have 3 to 5 pins, these only have one, and to make adjustments for your next shot you have to slide the whole unit up or down.

These sights however, can be adjusted in just a few seconds, but you have to always use the white tape by the sight’s rear as this will help you set the distance. If it’s your first time to use a single pin it might help to create large marks for the distances of 5 to 10 yard increments.

3. Tree Stand or Pendulum Sights

Hunters know the difference when shooting on flat, elevated and rugged terrain, and elevated areas in particular require a specific type of sight to help as shooting downhill can be tricky. A pendulum sight is going to help.

These are very different from fixed sights so it might take a tries before you get it right. Pendulum shots are not meant to be used on uneven terrain or the ground, as they’re for downhill angles and short-range shots only. To simplify things: if you hunt from an elevated spot, a tree stand sight is for you, otherwise, go with a single or fixed sight.


Whether you’re looking for a fixed or single pin bow sights, it’s important you conduct the proper research so you don’t end up with a sight you’re not going to use. Even if you have the budget to buy the most expensive bow sight, it’s all about getting the one that satisfies your specific requirements. In other words, it’s all about the features. Good luck and happy shooting!