Reviews of the 4 Best Laser Bore Sighters

Gaining access to the best laser bore sighter is no longer reserved for those with deep pockets as they have become more and more affordable. It’s for this reason why compact and powerful laser bore sighters have become something of a staple among gun aficionados. However the availability of so many does present a problem: which is the best? No worries though as we unveil here the top 4.

Top 4 Laser Bore Sighters Comparison


Product Name Calibers Weight Review

Bushnell Bore Sighter Kit

.17-.45 14.4 ounces

A Nearly Universal Bore Sight

0.22 to .177 3.2 ounces
SiteLite Mag Laser Sighter .22 to .50 16 ounces
SightMark Triple Duty Sighter .17 to .50 4.2 ounces

4 best Laser Bore Sighters Review

1. Bushnell Professional Bore Sighter Kit

This is one of the best boresighter kits you can buy, and while Bushnell has been known for making high quality, affordable gun optics, this is one of their best efforts yet. This kit can be used with guns ranging from a .22 to a caliber .45 and comes with a graduated reticle for sighting, plus the design is ideal for a scope that is mounted on typical height rings.

The optic provides HD clarity and the materials used here have been thoroughly tested. Design wise it’s striking and the graduated grid sighting reticle performs admirably. Each graduation is equal to 4 inches at 100 yards and the case is well built. Making adjustments to the scope reticle against the grid to get compensation is easy too.

As far as quality goes the Bushnell is comparable to more expensive laser sighters. One of the reasons why the Bushnell kit has gained a solid following is you can use them indoors, whereas other lasers are only good for the outdoors as they’re too dim. If you’re searching for the best laser bore sight online, this should be on your watchlist as it offers everything you require for accurate rifle sighting.

  • Durable and built to last
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • A carry case is included
  • 3 expandable arbors bundled in
  • Some fine tuning required for some pistols
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2. A Nearly Universal Bore Sight

This is another candidate for the best bore sighter as it can adapt to everything from a .22 to a .50 caliber, with just a basic head calibration required. Okeba is one of the better known manufacturers of laser bore sighters today, and this kit includes pretty much everything you will need such as 2 x AG13 batteries, 4 x adjustable adapters, the installation stick, screwdriver and the laser bore.

This is one of the best laser boresighter today not just for the number of accessories included but for its compatibility. It’s perfect for handguns and rifles as you just need to put the unit in the bore, activate it and dial the scope until it’s at the setting you like. Most of the body is constructed from metal, the exception being the on / off button and the sleeves that slip into the cylinders. On the whole this laser sight bore is well built and it’s accurate too. The effective range is especially accurate with a rifle.

  • Laser bore sighter collimator is very accurate
  • Suitable for different types of rifle scopes and sights
  • Allows instant sight and scope setting
  • Built to last
  • Doesn’t work well with 3 inch barrels
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3. SiteLite Mag Laser Bore Sighter

Laser bore sight reviews will show the SiteLite gets lots of positive feedback, and it’s not hard to figure out why when you consider its features and capabilities. For starters you can use this with calibers ranging from 22 to .50 and even a 20 gauge shotgun. As far as versatility goes this is more than a match with any green laser bore sighter so no wonder many consider this one of, if not the best available.

The SiteLite Mag relies on a red laser with a battery life of nearly two hours. Accuracy won’t be an issue either: these boresighter products are used by the US Navy and USMC for the 20mm canon and the 5.56mm on the AH-1Z Cobra Attack Helicopter. The US Navy also uses the company’s boresighter for the F-35 Strike Fighter’s 25mm Gatling Gun.

The SiiteLite not only works with the most popular firearms, but it even comes with software that allows you for zeroing target printing built around the ammo and gun you are using.

  • Very accurate
  • Works with a wide array of firearms
  • The SRL Scope Leveler makes it easy to level crosshairs prior to bore sighting
  • Comes with a Muley Crazy DVD
  • The instructions could have been better
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4. SightMark Triple Duty Laser Bore Sighter

Last but not the least on our list, the SightMark Triple Duty Laser Bore Sighter is notable for being a universal bore sighter. Most other bore sighters utilize different adapters to work on different chambers, but the SightMark is universal, meaning you just need to put it over your chamber and the laser centers on the bore automatically.

In terms of efficiency and simplicity this is quite simply one of the best out there. Instead of using multiple adapter heads you can just use one for all your guns and calibers. Compared to arbor type bore sights the SightMark is more accurate and the gun zeroing is exemplary.

It’s not unusual for companies to say they have the best bore sighter around, but the SightMark has the features and specs to back up such a claim. The sighter is easy to use and not likely to cause any problems, but if you do encounter some difficulties you can just refer to the manual.

  • The magnet is strong and assists in attaching the bores’ end from various rifles
  • Rifle sighting is quick
  • The green laser functions very well in varying weather conditions
  • Durable
  • The on / off button appears to be a bit flimsy
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It’s not hard to see why gun owners want the best laser boresighter: by putting the laser bore sight in your chamber and calibrating you’ll be able to sight comfortably and under varying weather conditions. With the four bore sighters reviewed here, you can be assured of getting those benefits without spending a fortune.