Reviews of the 4 Best Scopes for .308 Rifles

Trying to find the best scope for 308 rifles requires patience as there are different types, some meant for rugged use and others which are barely adequate. While all manufacturers say they have the best 308 scope, we’ll spare you the trouble of comparing them all as we have compiled the top 4. We’ll take an in-depth look at their features, benefits and what you can expect from them.

Top 4 Scopes Comparison


Product Name zoom Ratio



Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Scope

1.5 to 4X


The Nikon M .308 Scope 9 – 10X


The FSI Sniper Kit 6 – 24X


UTG SWAT Compact Rifle Scope 12X


4 Best Scopes Review

1. Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 Scope

If you’re looking for a good scope for 308 rifles, the name Leupold is what usually comes to mind first and with good reasons: their scopes are built to last and the Mod 1 is no exception. It’s got a lifetime warranty, and the argon and nitrogen gas purged tube provides solid protection from fog and mist. Even if you go out hunting on a fine sunny day, you can never tell when it will cloud up or get hazy, so this is a nice feature.

This scope has a 40mm objective lens and magnification is 3 to 9, and there’s 2nd generation argon/krypton waterproofing built in as well. You’ll also be pleased to know the light that reaches the scope is magnified and reflections are reduced as well.

The built is solid and should last a long time even if you use it on a regular basis, and mounting is quick and easy. Overall this is a high quality scope, good for up to 700 yards and well worth the money.

  • Good ballistics
  • Optics are clear
  • Offers good value for your money
  • Bright even at night
  • First time users might need time to get used to the features
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2. The Nikon M .308 Scope

This is one of the best 308 rifle scope units today and rivals other brands. Constructed around the .308 cartridge, the M Tactical Scope comes with turrets that have been calibrated specifically for 7.62 NATO and .308 ammo. The power magnification is 4 to 16 and the entire body is in one piece so you don’t have to worry about any components or parts falling off.

As one of the best tactical scope for 308 rifles, the Nikon M also comes with coated optics so light is transmitted at optimum levels regardless of the environment or condition. The unit also comes with a 20 MOA scope mount that allows you to make longer distance shots by having the scope at a specific angle, the result of which is optimum aim.

The Nikon M has been designed for long range shooting and it doesn’t disappoint at all. The scope is easy to set up and the eye relief isn’t that hard to adjust provided you follow the instructions. The fact that this scope has been getting a lot of positive reviews says it all.

  • The scope is solidly built
  • The magnification is superb
  • The scope is fog and waterproof
  • The optical system is fully coated
  • The Quick-focus Eyepiece speeds up acquisition of targets
  • Does not have an illuminated reticle
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3. The FSI Sniper Kit

Any discussion of the best scope for 308 bolt action rifle is going to include the FSI Sniper Kit, and why not as it comes with six to twenty four power magnification, mounting rings, sunshade and 50mm objective lens plus green / red illuminated reticle, and all of these at a very affordable price.

As far as 308 tactical scopes kits go this is one of the best, and the illuminated reticle is especially useful for use in low lit conditions. One of the problems when you’re hunting at dawn or dusk is the lack of light, but with this reticle it won’t be an issue. As noted above the unit has several features, and apart from those already mentioned there’s also elevation knobs complete with locking rings and adjustable windage.

Before using your rifle make sure the rings are locked because they’ll change with each shot, but when it’s locked each shot you take will be spot on. Other notable features here are the flip covers and the light shield.

  • Very accurate
  • The Mil-Dot cross-hairs work well under varying conditions
  • The focus is sharp
  • Setting up the depth-of-field is easy
  • A better eye relief for bigger calibers would have been better
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4. UTG SWAT Compact Rifle Scope

The UTG SWAT 308 sniper scope is equipped with several features that raise it above the level of your average sniper scope. For one thing it is filled 100% with nitrogen and totally sealed. As part of the ACCUSHOT series, this scope is rain proof, water proof, and shock proof too.

Once the scope is mounted on your air gun or rifle it’ll stay put, testament to its design and built, and as reviews point out this scope is reliable as well. Furthermore, the turrets on this scope are resettable and lockable, resulting in more precise and consistent aiming, and it’s going to help you keep the proper balance.

The Mil-Dot reticle present in all ACCUSHOT Scopes is here as well and it is accompanied by ¼ MOA click adjustments. When it comes to construction the scope is right up there with the best of them thanks to the True Strength (TS) Platform, and it also has the Smart Spherical Structure (SSS) which controls the interaction between the scope’s outer and inner tubes.

  • The Mil-dot reticle is well designed
  • The length is just right for an AR
  • Scope rings and flip lens covers are included
  • Images are clear
  • Beautifully constructed
  • A bit on the heavy side
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All manufacturers will tell you they make the best long range rifle scope for the money, but if you’ve done any research you’ll know that isn’t true. However with the top four picks here, expect a vast improvement in your marksmanship. All four scopes featured here have gotten solid reviews, and the companies behind them are reputable so you can feel confident about using them. So go ahead and make your pick now!